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Curriculum - Piledrivers Page 2

Heavy Timber Framing: All aspects of heavy timber framing construction are covered in this Manual, including print reading, tools, materials, types and uses of engineered lumber, and joinery. Explanations and procedures are given for the construction of each section of a frame, starting with floors and moving on to walls and roofs. Step-by-step procedures are presented throughout the Manual. A separate chapter on safety covers job hazards and preventive measures specific to heavy timber framing. Numerous illustrations are provided throughout the Manual.

Bridge Formwork: This Manual presents the slab, box beam, and box girder types of concrete bridges—their major design features and the major construction techniques involved in building these structures. Also discussed in this Manual are concrete properties; the importance of steel reinforcement in structural concrete; the fundamentals of mixing, placing, and curing concrete; the basics of prestressed and post-tensioned concrete; and information on several concrete tests. Participants in this workshop will also learn to identify safe practices for working on both land and over water. Replaces most of Bridge Form Construction & Shoring: Deck Forms, 20020M.

Piers, Columns and Pile Caps: This Manual presents the specific uses of these commonly used vertical supports when used separately and in situations where they may be used together. Forming methods for piers, pile caps, and columns are presented in detail and pile and pier cap mathematics are presented with a specific treatment of how to calculate perimeter, circumference, surface area, and volume. All safety considerations are covered throughout the Manual. Trade, Safety, and Productivity Tips are presented as these relate to the topics. Plentiful illustrations help to clarify the text presentation. Replaces most of Wall, Pilaster and Column Forms, 20021M, and portions of Pile Driving, 40001M.

Rigging Techniques for Pile Drivers: This Manual is a continuation of the 32-hour UBC rigging qualification workshop and begins with a review of that core program. Hardware, rigging practices, inspection techniques, and common rigging calculations specific to working with pile are discussed. Also discussed in this Manual is the importance of reading and understanding load charts; reeving techniques; how reeving creates a mechanical advantage; and the equipment used for reeving. The Manual ends with procedures for various rigging techniques, including hand rigging, hand rigging with crane assist, and crane hoisting. Safety considerations are covered throughout the Manual. Plentiful illustrations help to clarify the text presentation.

Exclusion and Retention Structures: This Manual deals with the preparation and building of exclusion and retention structures and deals in depth with cofferdams, bulkheads, and tieback walls. Participants will learn how to build a template and set it in position. The hardware, materials, and equipment used to build these structures are presented as well as specific steps for building cofferdams, bulkheads, and tieback walls. Throughout the Manual safety practices are discussed and all step-by-step instructions are generously illustrated. Replaces portions of old Pile Driving, 40001M, & Design & Installation of Pile Driven Foundations, 40007M.