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Introduction to Pile Driving: This Manual is a foundation text, beginning with the role each member plays in the pile driving crew. The Manual goes on to address those skills most valued by employers as well as what the apprentice pile driver needs to know to function effectively as part of the crew. The tools and equipment used in pile driving are identified and defined. The crane and the rig are thoroughly described along with their workings, maintenance, and assembly. Separate chapters address all the types of pile installed either into the ground or used to create marine structures. The voice and hand signals used on the job site are presented. The safe use and maintenance of tools and equipment are emphasized throughout the Manual.

Pile Driving Equipment: The Pile Driving Equipment Manual introduces the equipment central to construction projects. The Manual begins with a thorough description of the types of cranes. The boom types and parts are then discussed. This is followed by a brief description of pile driving rigs. Pile driving accessories and their uses, care, and maintenance are highlighted. The Manual concludes with a discussion of various pile driving hammers and their applications. Numerous photos and drawings illustrate pile driving equipment at work. Replaces sections of Pile Driving, 40001M

Types of Pile: The Types of Pile Manual provides an overview of those types of pile most commonly used in the construction industry: sheet pile, steel pile, concrete pile, cast-in-place pile, wood pile, and specialty pile, such as plastic and wick drains. The applications of each type of pile are described as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of pile. Photos and illustrations of processes such as the auger process, complement the explanations. Replaces portions of old Pile Driving, 40001M, & Design & Installation of Pile Driven Foundations, 40007M.

Crane and Rig Setup: This Manual introduces many different types of cranes and explains their differences and various applications. Planning for a pile driving project and preparing the site for crane setup are also covered. Participants will learn the specific procedures for assembling three commonly used cranes and installing common pile driving accessories. The Manual contains many photos and drawings to illustrate concepts and procedures. Safety procedures are emphasized throughout the Manual.

Timber Construction: The Timber Construction Manual gives the UBC Member a working knowledge of the principles, practices, and equipment used in timber construction. The types and grades of timber, the species of trees used for timber, and the physical makeup and growth defects of trees are discussed. Timber damage and the types of timber preservative treatments are also illustrated and explained. Finally, fastening and joining timber and repair work and the procedures involved are presented. Safety, Productivity and Trade tips make real-world connections throughout the Manual. Replaces portions of old Pile Driving, 40001M, & Design & Installation, 40007M.

Seamanship for Pile Drivers: This Manual is designed to prepare the UBC pile driver to work in the marine environment. The various vessels used in marine construction are described, including those used to maneuver other vessels and those used as a working platform. Vessel propulsion systems and the different types of motors used in marine construction vessels are explained. The Manual addresses the navigational aids and rules used in the marine environment, explains how vessels communicate with other vessels, how to communicate when a vessel needs emergency assistance. and how to assist the dive tender when a dive operation is underway. Safety is explicitly presented throughout the Manual along with rescue procedures.