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Curriculum - General Skills Page 2

Leveling and Layout Instruments This Manual is designed to provide the UBC member with the skills needed to set up and use leveling and layout instruments—from the water level through laser level and theodolite. Handling and maintaining the instruments, as well as the tripods, is also covered. Instructions are provided through step-by-step procedures and accompanying exercises. The Manual begins with the necessary review of the math required to convert measurements and use the equipment effectively. Replaces old Builders Level and Transit, 20079M.
Total Station This Manual covers instruction for both Total Station I and advanced instruction and applications for Total Station II. Participants will learn how to set up, configure, and operate a total station with accuracy and precision from several points. The ways to mathematically calculate the points to be laid out are presented, as are the ways to mathematically verify the accuracy of the total station layout. The Manual discusses how to analyze a project, troubleshoot layout inaccuracies, and lay out and label a network of control. Replaces Total Station I & II, s 20017M & 20119M.
Rigging This revised Manual introduces and supports the hands-on portion of the rigging qualification course. An introductory chapter on the history of rigging is followed by chapters on safety, wire rope, chain construction, slings, hardware, and knot-tying techniques. Rigging procedures are explained in four separate chapters that provide a thorough treatment of common hitch configurations, hardware and sling attachments, working with different types of cranes, and directing crane movements with voice and hand signals. Safety precautions and practices are presented throughout the book as they apply. The treatment of safety includes detailed information on properly inspecting and caring for rigging hardware and other rigging equipment. All material needed to teach the Rigging Refresher is included in this Manual. Drawings and photos illustrate all aspects of the equipment and procedures involved in rigging.
Math for the Trades This Manual is a basic treatment of tech math beginning with general math, fractions, and decimals. Measurement and measurement tools, layout, area measure, and volume measure are all explained in detail with numerous exercises. Additional exercises for practice and remediation are contained on the CD accompanying the Instructor Guide. A special effort has been made to set exercises in the context of real life technical work tasks.
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