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Curriculum - General Skills Page 1

Aerial Lifts This Manual begins with an in-depth coverage of safety issues and guidelines and includes an overview of the styles and types of aerial lifts and their uses. This first chapter is followed by coverage of scissor lifts, boom-supported aerial lift work platforms, manually-propelled aerial lift work platforms, vehicle-mounted elevating and rotating aerial devices, vehiclemounted bridge inspection and maintenance devices, and mast-climbing work platforms. Operator requirements, inspection procedures, and the specific limitations and capabilities of specific types of aerial lifts are also discussed. Replaces old Aerial Lift Operator Training, 80043M.
Exploring Drafting describes common drafting tools and provides basic instruction on geometric constructions, orthographic views, dimensioning, pictorial drawing, pattern development, and CAD. Coverage addresses the practices and techniques used in a variety of different drafting disciplines, including mechanical drafting, architectural drafting, electrical and electronics drafting, welding drafting, and graphic design. The importance of learning basic manual skills before progressing to CAD applications is emphasized.
Powered Industrial Truck Operator This Manual introduces many kinds of lift trucks—their components and applications. The text focuses on industrial lift trucks and rough terrain lift trucks, highlighting unique features and explaining procedures for visual and operating inspections and maintenance. Participants will also learn safe operating procedures. The Manual is extensively illustrated and emphasizes safety throughout
Print Reading Print Reading Manual the UBC member is introduced to lines and symbols that an architect or designer creates. The Manual encourages creative thinking so that the individual understands and is able to transfer what is on paper to a finished structure or project. The course includes: Introduction to Prints and Specifications; Types of Prints; Title Blocks; Line Identification, Dimensions and Measurements; Symbols and Abbreviations; Views; Elevations; and Governing Codes & Regulations. Replaces old Blueprint Manuals, 20009M, 20010M, 80001M.
Welding and Cutting This Manual starts with the history and development of welding. Emphasis is given throughout the Manual to the hazards of welding and to the safety measures required to weld and cut without injury. Students also receive an introduction to the science of metallurgy. The major kinds of cutting are each discussed in separate chapters: oxy-fuel cutting, plasma arc cutting, and carbon arc gouging. Shielded metal, gas metal, flux cored, and gas tungsten arc welding are discussed in detail. The power sources used in each type of cutting or welding are explained. Electrode holders, guns, and torches and the proper ways to hold them and use them are also covered. Students will also learn how to recognize and read welding symbols. Replaces old Carpentry & Millwright Cutting & Welding, 80042M.