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Curriculum - Concrete Page 2

Materials: Concrete, Grout & Epoxy In this Manual UBC members will learn about architectural and structural concrete mixtures and additives, grouts and epoxies. Concrete admixtures can improve concrete quality, manageability, acceleration or retardation of setting time among other properties that could be altered to get specific results
Footing Forms The Footing Forms Manual describes the tools, materials, and procedures for locating, laying out, and forming footings. The Manual emphasizes the critical aspects of location and layout for installing footing properly. Further, the Manual presents the skills necessary to ensure that the footings are at the correct elevations and built to the proper dimensions. Different types of footing are compared and related to their appropriate applications. Replaces a section from Concrete Construction, 20008M, and portions of Foundations, 20002M.
Tilt-up Construction This Manual begins with an overview of tilt-up construction, including types of casting surfaces, bond-breaking agents, and types of panels. It covers concrete placement and transferring concrete from the truck into forms. Participants will learn how to estimate the amount of concrete necessary for casting floor slabs and panel elements as well as the importance of accuracy in performing concrete placement, vibration, and striking. Pre-tilt procedures are presented, emphasizing the importance of lifting and bracing in the panel-setting process. Connection methods are covered, specifying several kinds of structural connections for use between panels. Emphasis is given to safely and effectively removing temporary bracing and to bracing and sealing joints. Replaces portions of Concrete Construction, 20008M.
Insulating Concrete Forms This workshop Manual deals with an increasingly popular type of residential and commercial construction, Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs). The major objective of the workshop is to ensure that participants are prepared to construct the exterior walls, decks, and sloped roofs of ICFs safely and properly. The Manual covers the selection and ordering of materials and procedures for laying out and constructing ICF walls, decks, and sloped roofs, as well as procedures for helping to fill the forms with steel reinforcement and concrete. Participants are shown how to perform construction tasks according to design specifications and applicable building codes. Safe work practices are emphasized throughout the Manual. Procedures are thoroughly illustrated. Replaces Insulating Concrete Forms, 20074M
Concrete Reinforcement This Manual thoroughly explains the process of reinforcing concrete using steel bars, fibers, and fiber-reinforced polymer. New technology, just recently used in reinforcing concrete, is also explained. The Manual first provides an overview of forces acting upon concrete so that the participant understands the need for reinforcement. A review of print reading is then provided, specifically discussing the interpretation of the schedules dealing with reinforcement material. The Manual then presents in detail the installation process. Numerous photographs and drawings illustrate materials and installation processes. Safety precautions and procedures are emphasized throughout. Replaces portions of Concrete Construction, 20008M
Building Layout This Building Layout Manual covers general procedures, basic skills, and the necessary tools and materials needed to lay out a building. The architectural lines and symbols shown on site plan prints which are necessary to facilitate layout are also discussed. The Manual includes such topics as: building footprint and site layout; layout for excavation; footings, pile, caissons, and piers; anchor bolts, embedments, and blockouts; slab on grade; elevator and stair core; and other topics related to building layout. Replaces portions of Concrete Construction, 20008M, and Foundations, 20002M.