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Curriculum - Concrete Page 1

Introduction to Formwork This Manual presents many of the basic and most important aspects of concrete formwork, including formwork materials, form hardware, and formwork safety practices. UBC members will learn how to fabricate simple wall forms for a footing form and a foundation wall form in a safe and efficient way. Replaces portions of Concrete Construction, 20008M.
Form Hardware The Form Hardware Manual provides the UBC Member with the information and skills necessary to recognize, select, and install form hardware. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of a variety of hardware devices reinforce learning. Comparisons and contrasts of different pieces of hardware illustrate which ones are best suited for specific applications. Handson practice using some of this hardware prepares UBC Members for the use of form hardware on the jobsite. Replaces sections of Concrete Construction, 20008M, and Wall, Pilaster and Column Forms, 20021M.
Wall and Stair Forms Different forming systems and the components of wall, pilaster, and column forms are discussed in this Manual. The basic principles of erecting and dismantling forms are also described. Advantages and disadvantages of each system are presented. Safety procedures related to wall and stair forms are emphasized throughout. Replaces portions of Concrete Construction, 20008M.
Gang Forms and Slipforms This Manual covers the uses and applications of both slipforms and gang forms as well as their proper installation. Stripping techniques for gang forms are also explained. Because slipforming is a specialized type of concrete construction requiring additional skills and understanding beyond standard formwork, the unusual demands of slipforming are thoroughly covered. Safety practices and procedures related to the construction of gang forms and slipforms are emphasized. Replaces sections of Concrete Construction, 20008M.
Flatwork: Slabs and Decks The Flatwork: Slab and Decks Manual covers the construction processes involved in building the formwork for both slabs and decks. The Manual begins with excavating and preparing the ground for slab formwork and proceeds to erecting towers high above the ground to support deck formwork. Detailed descriptions of the most common methods for constructing both slab and deck forms are provided, along with opportunities for practicing several basic form building tasks. Safe practices for everything done both in the workshop and on the job are emphasized. Replaces old Floor and Beam Forms and Shoring, 20023M.
Precast Concrete In this Manual UBC members will learn about casting, precast history, onsite and offsite forming, and architectural and structural concrete. The procedures typically used when working with precast concrete are given. Transportation and handling are covered as well as grouting. Safety procedures are presented. Replaces portions of Concrete Construction, 20008M.