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Atigun Pass, Alaska

Located at mile 244 Dalton Highway the bridge was built in 2000 and is 335' long.

Port of Anchorage, Alaska

First started in 1958 with $75,000. The Port is undergoing a modernization program that will provide four new terminals.

Kachemak Bay, Alaska

Bradley Lake hydroelectric power plant dock at the head of Kachemak Bay past Homer, Alaska.

Cook Inlet, Alaska

Derrick Barge building platforms lower Cook Inlet 1960's.

Anchorage, Alaska

C Street bridge connecting dowtown Anchorage to Port of Anchorage and Government Hill, over the Alaska Railroad yard.

Canyon Creek - Hope Cutoff Bridge

Built in the 1997 and located on Seward Highway heading towards Kenai Penninsula, the bridge length is 890'.

Cordova, Alaska

With the most recent renovation, Cordova’s small boat harbor has a capacity of 727 vessels. Slips range in size from 24’ to 70’.

Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Creosote pile and timber dock under construction caught fire and was a total loss.

Homer, Alaska

Homer Deep Water Dock, built 1990

Homer, Alaska

Homer Deep Water Dock and chip loading facility

Kantishna, Alaska

Poured in place bridge that sits 90 miles into Denali National Park, just 25 miles from the base of Denali.

Kenai, Alaska

Steel and concrete dock built at the mouth of the Kenai River to service fishing cannery

Ketchikan Shipyard

Ketchikan Shipyard is owned by the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority built in the 1980's.

The first sheetpile cell being installed for the Ketchikan Shipyard.

Knik River, Alaska

Southbound Knik River Bridge at mile 29.6 Glenn Highway, built in 1993

Cook Inlet, Alaska

Built by Forest Oil Corporation the Osprey Platform was brought to Alaskan waters by barge, installed in 2002.

Osprey Platform in Port Graham, Alaska where workers made final preparations for installation off West Forelands Cook Inlet.

Seward, Alaska

Alaska Railroad Dock is an open cell system at 750’ long with over 2,000 sheetpile.

Point MacKenzie, Alaska

On the west side of Cook Inlet across from Anchorage the Mat-Su Borough developed Port MacKenzie.

Unalakleet, Alaska

Driving abutment pile for the Kouwegok Slough Bridge. The bridge is 377' long, built in 2000.

Homer, Alaska

Improvements to the Pioneer Dock in 2001. It is the dock where the State Ferry ties up.

Northstar Island is a 5-acre artificial island in the Beaufort Sea protected by sheetpile and concrete mats started construction in 1999.

O'Brien Creek, Alaska

Replacement prestressed tee beam bridge at mile 111.7 Taylor Highway built in 1988

Toklat River, Alaska

At milepost 53 on the Denali Park Road the bridge is a poured in place concrete bridge

Toklat River, Alaska

Installing forms for poured in place girders. All of the concrete was mixed on the jobsite.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Formerly known as City Float, Casey Moran Harbor construction started in 2006.

Cordova, Alaska

The Municipal dock is Cordova's main commercial port facility.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Steel and treated wood structure built to help accommodate foot traffic from the cruise ships along Ketchikan waterfront.

Juneau, Alaska

AJ Dock was built to provide berthing for 1,100-foot-long cruise ships.

Juneau, Alaska

AJ Dock named after the the Alaska-Juneau Mine which begun tunneling for gold in Juneau in 1912.

Cook Inlet, Alaska

Kitchen Lights monopod platform installed in 2016. At its peak, the project involved a total of 25 dive crew members.

Seward, Alaska

Trail River Bridge MP 25.1 Seward Highway is a three span, 383 structure, finished in 2013.

Cook Inlet, Alaska

Grayling Platform newspaper article 1967

Cook Inlet, Alaska

Two 500 ton derick cranes removing platform after divers burned off legs at mudline

Cook Inlet, Alaska

Two 500 ton derick cranes setting platform on barge




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