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Commercial Diving

Local 2520 is accepting applications from successful Alaska residents of Commercial Diving Schools, e-mail us for an application mailto:kevin@local2520.org

Commercial divers work underwater in commercial fishing, construction, inspection, search, salvage and repair. They are employed by diving contractors, fishing enterprises, shipping and marine construction companies and recreational diving services.

Commercial divers may find themselves working in a range of situations, depending on what work is available. They may use underwater video, sonar and other recording equipment for scientific or exploratory purposes. They may also participate in search and rescue, recovery and clean-up operations. With training and experience they may supervise and train other divers, especially hobby divers.

Construction divers perform construction duties, such as welding and installing pilings or footings for piers. They also maintain these and other structures. Some divers inspect ships, plant outflows, pipelines, sluice gates, and so on.

In salvage operations, divers use winches, derricks or cranes to raise sunken objects, or they may use explosives to remove obstructions and break up or re-float submerged objects


Underwater installation, repair and maintenance

 Fabrication of special equipment

 Flotation devices maintenance

 Gravity surveying


 Guideline replacement

 Hyperbaric chamber operations

 Injection equipment installation

 Life support systems construction, operation, repair and maintenance

 Marine environmental control check

 Medical and emergency care for diving illnesses and accidents

 Operation of one atmosphere suits

 Operation of remotely controlled vehicles

 Operation of diving bells

 Platform construction, inspection, maintenance and removal

 Rock drilling and blasting

 Salvage Search and recovery

 Seismic surveying

 Sewage line installation and maintenance

 Site surveys prior to installation

 Submersible operations

 Surface geological appraisal

 Trenching of pipelines

 Underwater jetting

 Underwater painting

 Underwater photography and video

 Underwater surveys

 Underwater welding and cutting

 Water line installation, inspection, repair and maintenance

 Wellhead repair and maintenance